Publisher: Kendall/Hunt

This year-long curriculum teaches high school students to think about science concepts and practice as they explore carbon, energy, and water within an evolutionary framework. The standards-based curriculum includes a teacher's guide and three modules:

  • Teacher's Guide
    Presents key concepts, discussion questions and class sequences, and tips on group work and general logistics. Includes student assessment and teacher materials for evaluating student work. Particularly informative for instructors who have never implemented an inquiry-based, student-centered curriculum.
  • Evolution, Student Module 1
    Explore evolution works by examining the natural selection of finches on the Galapagos Islands.
  • Carbon and Energy, Student Module 2
    Movement and transfer of energy within and among parts of an ecosystem are the foundation underlying all other ecological processes. Explore energy at different levels of ecology—from individual, biochemical, and community to global—to understand each level and all levels as an interconnected whole.
  • Water, Student Module 3
    Examine water flow and the water cycle at individual, population, habitat, and ecosystem levels of ecology. Covers the biochemical and physical properties of water and the relationships among the properties and levels of ecology.