Publisher: Dale Seymour Publications

Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) is a curriculum designed to help teachers think through the major ideas of K-6 mathematics and examine how children develop those ideas. At the heart of the materials are sets of classroom episodes (cases), illustrating student thinking as described by their teachers. The curriculum offers teachers opportunities to explore mathematics content, to analyze student thinking about that content in written and video cases, to share and discuss the work of their own students, and to read overviews of related research. Each unit provides 24 hours of instruction focused on specific mathematics content.

Five units are available:

  • Numbers and Operations, Part 1: Building a System of Tens
  • Numbers and Operations, Part 2: Making Meaning for Operations
  • Measuring Space in One, Two, and Three Dimensions
  • Examining Features of Shape
  • Working with Data

The materials were developed by Education Development Center (EDC), Summermath for Teachers at Mt. Holyoke College, and TERC, through a grant to EDC from the National Science Foundation.