Recruiting Science and Technology Teachers (Grades 6-12) for Field Test

October 23, 2003

The Earth Exploration Toolbook (EET) is seeking science or technology teachers in grades 6 to 12 to field test online materials with students. Teachers will receive a $250 stipend for their participation.

The EET is a collection of step-by-step guides for using Earth science datasets and scientific tools for learning. Chapters in the Toolbook walk teachers through the steps of downloading data and using a software tool to analyze it. Chapters are available for teachers and their students to analyze populations, explore climate change, examine the relationship between precipitation and streamflow, investigate earthquakes, and monitor environmental change. Tools utilized in the chapters include spreadsheets, image processing software, and a GIS. To find out more about EET visit

If interested in field testing any of these materials, please contact Carla McAuliffe at TERC.