TERC Receives $5.18m in Funding for School Reform

November 5, 2003

TERC has been awarded $5.18 million in funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to create MSPnet, an electronic learning community to support the efforts of the Math and Science Partnerships program.

NSFÂ’s Math and Science Partnerships program (MSP) is designed to improve mathematics and science education in schools in the United States and Puerto Rico. All MSP efforts unite elementary and secondary teachers and administrators with collegiate science, technology, engineering and mathematics faculty and representatives from stakeholder institutions. The partnerships focus on enhancing the quality, quantity and diversity of science and mathematics teachers, raising student achievement and offering challenging curricula at all grade levels. The awards will directly impact at least 2.85 million students nationwide and in Puerto Rico who learn in urban, rural, suburban and tribal nation schools.

MSPnet will create and facilitate an electronic community of practice for all of the MSP projects, enabling them to share resources, emerging research, tools, and best practices with each other. It will also provide innovative collaborative tools and online events to enhance and sustain dialogue between geographically dispersed partnerships that exist within various MSPs. An interactive web site will provide the public with increased access to, and knowledge of, the MSP program. The project will also provide an opportunity to research the effectiveness of electronic communities in furthering a large-scale school reform agenda.

The MSPnet web site (mspnet.org) will be available in late January 2004.