'Mixing in Math' Games and Activity Book Now Available from Tumblehome Learning!

March 6, 2013

Tumblehome Learning (THL), a non-traditional transmedia publishing company, has partnered with TERC to publish a 'Mixing in Math' suite of games and activities. Developed at TERC and based on work funded in part by the National Science Foundation, these additions to the THL product line of science books and games include the book Food Fights, Puzzles, and Hideouts and the sets of games Jump Ship and Blockade


Food Fights, Puzzles, and Hangouts


Spanning the key topics in the elementary grades' Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, the products help parents, homeschooling families, librarians, and afterschool providers engage children ages 4-12 in the math of everyday activities. Priced at $10.95 and under, the affordable resources for math learning can be ordered from mixinginmath.terc.edu.


Jump Ship


Food Fights, Puzzles and Hideouts presents hundreds of full-color interdisciplinary math games, projects, and activities that can be done at home, at after-school programs, at school, or 'mixed in' to car rides, snack times, and parties. With the card deck Jump Ship players get nine fast-paced games and 22 different levels of play. Blockade packages eight dry-erase board games for 2-4 players and offers 28 game options.




'Mixing in Math' has been extensively piloted with children, parents, and informal educators, including after-school providers, librarians, and family numeracy providers. Independent evaluation shows that the materials improve attitudes about math and build math skills and engagement among adults and children. 'Mixing in Math' has been featured on Mom's Homeroom, a resource website for parents sponsored by MSN and Frosted Mini-Wheats.

For more, see mixinginmath.terc.edu.