TERC Senior Scientist Tamara Ledley Serving on Museum of Science Panel Discussion of Climate Science This Sunday

June 21, 2013



CAMBRIDGE, MA– TERC Senior Scientist Tamara Ledley is one of three scientists serving on a panel discussion of current climate science and its implications this Sunday, June 23rd at 1:30 p.m. at the Museum of Science Boston. The panel discussion complements the opening of Ansel Adams Award winner Gary Braasch’s “Climate Change in Our World”, an exhibition of large-scale color photographs documenting climate change worldwide.

The panel discussion and exhibit opening will be accessible to the public with regular museum admission. The panel will take place on Museum of Science’s Current Science and Technology stage.

Dr. Ledley is a senior scientist and chair of the Center for Science Teaching and Learning (CSTL) at TERC. Her most recent work in Climate Literacy and Earth system science education includes founding and chairing the CLEAN Network ; development of the NSF-funded Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) Collection , collaboration on “Essential Principles of Climate Science”; and the development of EarthLabs modules on climate change and Earth system science as the laboratory component of a high-school capstone course in Earth and space science for the NSF-funded Confronting the Challenges of Climate Literacy and NASA-funded Earth System Science: A Key to Climate Literacy projects. Dr. Ledley has also been involved in a spectrum of projects that focus on the use of Earth science data in educational contexts and leverage the National Science Digital Library efforts.