Center for Special Education's Saturday Workshop Series: Science Inquiry

February 14, 2005

TERC's Sally Crissman and Susan Doubler will be presenting three workshops in Lesley University’s 2004-05 Saturday Workshop Series, sponsored by the Center for Special Education.

Workshops are open to the public and are designed to improve the teaching and learning of individuals with disabilities. The workshops:

Science Inquiry: Does It Serve All Children?
March 5, 2005
In this interactive workshop participants come to see science (as practiced by scientists) as accessible to all. Through a firsthand investigation they develop strategies for supporting inquiry in the classroom and learn that having explicit goals in mind transform hands-on experiences into learning.

Working With Data: Does It Leverage Learning?
March 19, 2005
In this workshop, participants learn about the interplay between ideas and evidence as they experience science. Through their work with a computer-based data analysis tool they develop strategies for using data to generate explanations.

Assessing Students’ Understanding: How Do You Determine What Your Students Are Learning Through Inquiry?
April 9, 2005
Science is more than exploration; it is a way of finding answers. In this workshop participants learn how to gather evidence about their students’ science understanding and develop strategies for making students partners in the assessment process. (No tests here.)

Registration for each workshop is $30. Registration for a series of three workshops is $75 for Lesley affiliates and teams from the same school district. For more information, please contact:

Susan Kando
Center for Special Education
Lesley University
1815 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140