TERC Partners in Boston Math and Science Advancement Initiative

August 4, 2006

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino announced grants this week for the city’s new Math and Science Advancement program. TERC will partner with local institutions, the Benjamin Franklin Institute, Jewish Vocational Service, Bunker Hill Community College, NSTAR, Boston Health Care and Research Training Institute, Wentworth Institute of Technology, and Roxbury Community College. The partnership will develop new models for math courses designed for adult learners.

"Boston’s economy—now and in the future—is based on having the most productive and highly skilled workers for the City’s critical industries," said Mayor Menino. "This new initiative is designed to reinforce the educational basics for individuals who may be under prepared to enter today’s global economy."

Boston’s high-demand occupations include health care, life sciences, computer technology and information, biotechnology and building trades. Many job seekers do not have the math and science competencies for entry-level employment in these industries or for post-secondary programs that are required for higher-level, better-paying positions.

Mary Jane Schmitt, Director of Adult Numeracy projects at TERC, and Brian Conroy, TERC Curriculum and Professional Development Specialist, will provide on-going technical assistance to the partnerships. TERC will also act in an advisory role to the city in achieving the goals of the overall initiative.

"Improving math and science literacy is a moral imperative," said George Hein, TERC President. "TERC looks forward to bringing our more than 40 years of experience in math, science, and technology education to this groundbreaking program. We at TERC are thrilled to contribute to a community partnership that strives to open up the pathways to college and employment for Boston adults who are not getting the chance to participate in the city’s high demand, growth careers."