Signing Science Dictionary Featured in CITEd Resources for Deaf Students

August 22, 2007

CITEd included the TERC-developed Signing Science Dictionary in its list of recommended resources for multimedia instruction for students who are deaf. CITEd is funded by the U.S. Department of Education to support the use of integrated technology in education for students with disabilities. The full article outlines strategies, research, and resources for multimedia instruction for deaf students.

The Signing Science Dictionary is an illustrated interactive sign language dictionary to support understanding of K-8 standards-based science content among students who are deaf or hard of hearing and whose first language is sign. Powered byVcom3D's SigningAvatar assistive technology, the dictionary features a 3-D animated character, called an "Avatar," who communicates in sign. The dictionary has benefited students and their teachers and parents, many of whom do not know the signs for specialized science concepts.

The CITEd article calls the Signing Science Dictionary, "an example of how the signing avatar technology can create dynamic and effective instructional materials" ... "the dictionary helps build a communication bridge that promotes learning."

For more information about the Signing Science Dictionary, visit the Signing Science Dictionary web site.

For a research report documenting the dictionary's potential for creating access to scientific understanding, see the National Center for Technology Innovation web site.

TERC most recently received funding from the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Foundation to create a prototype Signing Science Pictionary for Young Learners grades K-3.