Participate in Online Science Challenges for Grades 3-8

April 9, 2003

The Online Science-athon offers students in grades 3-8 opportunities to discover the science in their daily lives in ways that are engaging and fun, easy for teachers to incorporate into their teaching, and instructive. Science-athon events are delivered via the Web and result in class data that is submitted to a central database. Challenges also include the exploration of questions using displays of student-generated data.

Science-athon challenges include:

  • The Marble Roll (Motion and Forces)
  • How Tall Am I? (Life Science)
  • Catching Sunshine (Transfer of Energy)

Challenges can be viewed at You can enroll (at no cost) in as many challenges as you like and do them at any time between now and the end of the school year. Each challenge takes about 10-12 hours to complete.

To enroll and for more information, contact Judy Vesel,