Statistics for Action Project Staff Author Article for Earthzine

April 25, 2013



CAMBRIDGE, MA– Statistics for Action (SfA) researcher and developer Ethan Contini-Field and SfA PI Martha Merson have coauthored “Making Science Accessible to Environmental Advocates” for Earthzine, a publication of the IEEE Committee on Earth Observation (ICEO) featuring Earth science news, articles, information and resources. The article is currently being spotlighted on Earthzine’shomepage.

The article details SfA’s approaches for engaging environmental organizers and community groups in data-driven communication around environmental hazards at two sites in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Boston, Massachusetts. SfA trained organizers in these two communities in effective group facilitation strategies and data representation techniques to help their citizen groups review relevant scientific data for greater understanding and more informed advocacy efforts.

“Making Science Accessible to Environmental Advocates” can be viewed by visiting

Ethan Contini-Field, M.Ed. was a researcher and curriculum developer with the Statistics for Action project at TERC. Ethan has done the primary field research with SfA partner organizations like the Toxics Action Center, Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, and Coalition of Communities for Environmental Justice. Statistics for Action is funded by the National Science Foundation (grant DRL-0812954).

Martha Merson, M.Sc. is Principal Investigator of Statistics for Action at TERC. For more than a decade, she has worked on formative research and curriculum design related to promoting understanding of real-world math concepts. Merson was one of the main authors of EMPower: Extending Mathematical Power, a math curriculum produced by TERC for adult basic education settings. To foster informal math learning, she has developed training modules, supported library and after-school partners, and contributed to materials design in the Mixing in Math and Math off the Shelf projects.