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Tracy Noble and Catherine Suarez

—(July 2010) TERC, Cambridge, MA 02140


This curriculum review is intended to present an overview of the classroom experiences that students in Massachusetts (MA) are likely to have in Grades 3-5 with the science content associated with two of the MA standards (Massachusetts Department of Education (MA DOE), 2006). Our interest in this topic arose from an interview study we conducted with Grade 5 students in MA, about their answers to six multiple-choice science test items from the Grade 5 MA Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS). More information concerning the findings of our interview study can be found Rosebery et al. (Rosebery et al., 2010) and Noble et al. (Noble et al., 2012). Our curriculum review was intended to provide background information about the curricula and specific lessons that students in our interview study were likely to encounter in Grades 3-5.

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