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Esther Leonelli, Martha Merson, and Mary Jane Schmitt (eds.)

Massachusetts Department of Education (1994) Malden, MA.


The product of a project conducted in Massachusetts to apply the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' (NCTM) "Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics" to adult basic education (ABE) learning environments, this volume is a collection of teacher-researchers' essays on field-based application of the adapted standards. The following essays are included: "Can the Fear of Manipulatives Be Overcome?" (Debra Richard); "Making Connections in Math and Science" (Karen DeCoster); "'It's Not through the Book'" (Leonora E. Thomas); "Exploring the Metric System in a Workplace Education Class" (Judith Sulzbach); "Non-Traditional Problems in the Forefront" (Marilyn Moses); "Learning to Learn. How Long Does It Take?" (Leslie Arriola); "Manipulatives vs. Rote Memory" (Margaret Fallon); "When You Have a Problem, Use Your Head (...and Your Instinct)" (Thomson Macdonald); "'They Never Asked Me: Who Did They Ask?'" (Shelley Bourgeois, Martha Merson); "'What If I Used Research and the Scientific Method to Teach Problem Solving?'" (Catherine M. Coleman); "Journey into Journal Jottings" (Donna Curry); "Shapes and Stitches: Quilting in an ABE Math Class" (Linda Huntington); "When Students Work in Teams" (Barbara Blake Goodridge); "Learning by Doing, or What Happens When Students Write Their Own Math Word Problems?" (Tricia Donovan); "Evaluating Creative Mathematical Thinking and the GED [General Educational Development Test]" (Sally Spencer); and "Adult Diploma Program Math Research" (Susan Barnard, Kenneth Tamarkin).

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