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This professional development guide written by Judy Storeygard provides both general and special educators with approaches to address the learning needs of all students in inclusive mathematics classrooms. These approaches include emphases on differentiated instruction and co-teaching with extensive examples from teachers who have successfully put these strategies into practice in their own classrooms.

Key topics in the text include:

  • Strategies for teaching students with autism, ADHD, and various learning disabilities
  • Ways to develop students’ cognitive flexibility
  • How to help learners plan, organize and self-monitor in mathematics class
  • A new focus on mathematical strengths and learning abilities rather than on deficits and labels.


Count Me In! K-5: Including Learners With Special Needs in Mathematics Classrooms is available for purchase through Corwin Press.

Opening Quote “This text enhances the resources available to build on the underlying principles and big ideas of mathematics for students with special needs. Mathematics coaches, special education teachers, and regular classroom teachers who are willing to go the extra mile make special education placements successful for their students. This text is going to be a priceless resource for them.” Closing Quote
Roxie R. Ahlbrecht, 3rd Grade Teacher and Mathematics Teacher Leader Robert Frost Elementary School, Sioux Falls Public Schools 49-5, SD