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Sheila Sconiers, Cornelia Tierney, and Judith (Judy) Storeygard

(2000) Lexington, MA: COMAP.


Local school personnel can use Bridges to Classroom Mathematics to conduct staff development workshops. The curricula includes detailed Staff Developer's Guides, masters for handouts and transparencies, material lists, and classroom videos. The modular arrangement of the sessions allows staff developers to tailor a program to their local needs and resources.

Staff Developer's Guide: Investigations in Number, Data, and Space: These eighteen sessions support teachers implementing or using the Investigations curriculum developed at TERC.

Staff Developer's Guide: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: Nineteen sessions that are intended to strengthen teachers' mathematical understanding and confidence, as well as model pedagogical techniques.

The Bridges Mathematics Handbook is a collection of essays about mathematical topics that support and enrich participants' mathematical content knowledge. It is designed to supplement any of the groups of Bridges sessions, or can be used as a stand-alone reference book.