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Principal Investigator: Maria (Mia) Ong

Beyond the Double Bind: Women of Color in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is a three-year empirical research study funded by the National Science Foundation. Initiated in August 2009 with Co-PI Apriel Hodari (CNA), Beyond the Double Bind is analyzing written and oral narratives—or life stories—of women of color in STEM and the higher education programs that support their success. This project will identify and describe individual and programmatic factors that sustain women of color in STEM fields, institutional strategies and support structures that help them to succeed, and social and pedagogic elements that influence their educational experiences. By producing an expanded knowledge base about success factors for retaining women of color, the research aims to enhance efforts to broaden their overall participation rates in STEM professions and transform understanding of the challenges women of color face as they work towards their educational and career objectives.