TERC's Products and Publications

While TERC is a nonprofit organization, many of our projects and initiatives produce commercially viable work. Our products and publications reflect the vast range of TERC’s research and development activities and are made available in a number of forms and formats, including print publications, online publications and exploration sites, and software.

Business Development at TERC is dedicated to finding the best publication and distribution strategies and partners for our products. We take a flexible and innovative approach to business development, working within a variety of relationships that range from traditional print publishing arrangements to highly innovative technology partnerships. We seek to broaden the audience for our products without ever compromising the integrity of our work.

TERC's products are published and distributed by a variety of publishers. Find a full list of our available products here.

If your company is interested in exploring business development opportunities with TERC, please contact me at glen_secor@terc.edu or by phone at 617.547.0430.

Glen Secor
Products and Publications Manager